The rapper hit Instagram with a photo of Chris Brown's little girl.

The singer's visitation rights changed—and not in his favor—after his latest arrest.

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman already have their own issues to deal with as they evaluate their coparenting situation—but Chris’ fame and the rumors that come with it create a whole new set of problems. TMZ sucked itself into the pair’s family drama after reporting Chris Brown “destroyed” his “baby mama in court,” in an article that […]

Chris Brown and the mother of his child are fighting because of some Instagram photos of their child that she posted featuring Royalty dressed inappropriately for a two-year-old. Special K explains how this passage of THOT-iness onto the child was inevitable, and cites another example of a similar passage between mother and baby.  Plus, he explains the right […]

It actually is the "ultimate R&B song" he said it would be.

Chris Brown ain't here for the rumors. This weekend, the Royalty singer was hit with accusations that he gave his daughter asthma by smoking around her.

Just as we thought Chris Brown was staying out of trouble, something always comes up. The R&B singer and father of 1-year-old Royalty is being accused of making his daughter sick with asthma by his baby mother Nia Guzman, according to TMZ. Nia believes this has happened due to extreme exposure to secondhand smoke while Royalty is with Chris. The site reports: Guzman […]